Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful sunset of Boracay

Every second counts, so I should take lots of photos before the sun goes down.
You will really love Boracay because of its natural scenery. One of those is the breathtaking sunset. Before I don't know how to catch up the sun using my camera. But in Boracay, I've got it!! I am not a landscape photographer but then I am trying to be versatile when it comes to photography because as of now I don't know where should I focus more. I just love taking pictures!!! 

Lakas lang maka Gardo Versoza ng picture ko dito. hehehe
I like getting wet lalo lang kapag mainit. What I love in Boracay, I can wear anything even a little piece of cloth. Masarap kaya mag swimming kapag feel na feel ng buong katawan mo ang tubig. Wala namang pakialamanan dun kasi it seems that everybody was wearing nothing except underwear and swimsuit, so what's new?

Playing with the sun
One of the important things regarding photography is the lighting. And the Sun is the number one source of light. Yan ang pinkamahirap pag-aralan talaga if you want to be a good photographer The lighting. Kaya ako I'm just playing with the light and the sun kasi before It really take me a lot of time just to learn lighting through internet.

Headstand by the beach.
Di matatapos ang pag popose ko hanggang di ko nagagamit ang shoulders ko. So kailangan dapat may headstand just to prove to myself na malakas ang braso ko!!!

What a legs!!
Anong silbi ng alaala kung walang ibedensya. Kaya I took many photos in Boracay and I will show everything that I've seen there. Parang mga postcards nga mga pictures ko eh. 

The shadow of the sailing boat.
One thing, kabog ang sunset ng manila bay dito, why kasi you can swim while watching this beautiful sunset. unlike in Manila hindi pwede then di pa nakakaaya ang amoy ng hangin dun.

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