Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's the color of Summer

I really want to do something that will make people happy. That's why I organized an openshoot for all.

The long wait is over. This is the openshoot that you've been waiting for. Come and let's take photo of you as we welcome SUMMER 2012!! TAKE NOTE!! This openshoot is definitely and absolutely FREE!!

Just follow these steps:

1. Simply comment and answer the question "What's the color of summer for you?"

2. Like and Share this photo! (Those who will share, will be first in the line).

3. Let your friends know about this!!

This event occurs every weekend and/or depending on my availability. It's your time to shine. Let's make the SUMMER colorful.

How the photoshoot will go?

Bring your own clothes and accessories as many as you can. And I will style you personally. (Preferably colorful tops and bottoms, bright, plain no prints, one piece, two piece, three piece, anything related to summer.

You are free to bring your own props so that your photo will be unique.

Elementary, Highshool, College Friends, Friends, Close Friends, Feeling Friend, Everyone. This will serve as our reunion as well.

You are free to invite your friends and come with you!!

Thanks and Let's all have a colorful and wonderful SUMMER this 2012!!

Cover Photo Sample

Openshoot Happiness: a Coca-cola Inspired  campaign. 

As an artist, I really want to share my talent to others. In fact, I organize an open photoshoot to all my friends, friends of friends and collegues. And this is definitely FREE for all. I do believe that money can't buy us happiness so I don't get paid by doing this. I've got the talent, skills, and tools so why not share it to others right? I get inspired by the coca-cola campaign when they will give free coke to all. Many people ask me why am I doing this? my answer " I just want people to be happy and have a wonderful start for summer 2012. The openshoot started last February 4, 2012 and still going until last day of march.

What's the color of summer???

If Caloy is the President for Happiness Coca-Cola President for Happiness, I could be the vice-president. 

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